Phony Racism: Why Breitbart owes no Apology

News Item – Breitbart says : I’m Not Sorry

Good….  Do you think any liberal making any specious or outright false claim would back down on any story??  Not on your life.  They would double down the outrage and yell all the louder.  Mr Breitbart do not apologize.  Get your story right, but do not apologize.

What the woman said, she said – in or out of context.  It was racist, perhaps not vindictive, but it was racist the way we define it today – she was certainly not color-blind – whatever that means.

Here’s how the world works for most of us.  If you are Asian, I notice you are Asian.  If you are overweight, I notice that too.  If you are a knock-out red-head, I most definitely notice that (omigod sexist!). And if you are white or black I notice that too.  That is called an observation of fact.  That’s it.

I observe these things and I reserve my judgment of these observations based on my experience with those people or things – over time.  It is then that I form an opinion on their relative worth and goodness.

OK?  Are we all clear??

The apology we need is from the overbearing race-nannies who have twisted our society into idiotic knots.

Confederacy of Fools: Why we will not have any kind of soft landing – economic or otherwise

Let’s just cut to the chase and expand unemployment benefits for life.  If you don’t have a job – and since you have the right to one – we’ll just give you the money because it’s not fair.  I can almost hear the unemployed rolling over in bed this morning as they watch CNN to catch a few more hours of sleep celebrating the good news.  The Republicans – who are simply politicians like their brethren across the aisle – rolled over under the pressure of being called “meanies” for denying so many what they rightfully deserve.

I once believed the Republicans were simply unable to reframe the President’s specious argument that not extending unemployment benefits showed they were lacking in compassion, and instead make the broader case that the wasted fiscal stimulus spending, our unsustainable welfare state spending programs, a new and costly health care mandate, and the expiration of tax cuts and the obvious need for future tax increases to pay for all of this were the REASON for sustained high unemployment.

Now I am older and understand in an all too jaded and cynical way that this is not how they or any politician works.  They are not interested in principled stands and debate on issues that affect our money or way of life, they are simply interested in being re-elected so they can continue to enjoy the country club pay, perks, and benefits of power. It is a great gig!

We should all understand now what bipartisanship and reaching across the aisle mean.  It means that I rub your back and you rub mine, and we all get to keep our jobs.  Because nothing threatens your job like a principled stand that could make some people unhappy.  Obama – ever the ambitious politician – understands their hearts and minds all too well.  He understands these are not courageous men and women of principle dedicated to the service of the Constitution and the American People.  You can almost hear the cynical laughter in the halls of the White House.

I guess we should call them fools and hypocrites for taking the oath of office, but that is simply a weak and tawdry gesture, when the real blame lies at the feet of those who elected them.  I guess we should expect them to make a leadership gesture and take a pay cut and make staffing cuts – as every other business owner is doing right now just to survive – but they have neither the inkling nor the courage of their convictions to do so. I guess we should expect those on unemployment and entitlement programs to pay back this largesse and charity by doing work that over-paid and under-motivated government workers do, but that would be unfair since they are busy looking for jobs – really?

The big fools are the American People who should know better, but continue to remain on the sidelines as their values and economic future are sold for the price of a free paycheck.  Social programs of no merit or value will hasten the deaths of the economy and the American values of hard work and thrift.  And yet we still assume somehow that despite all this spending our standard of living and freedoms are guaranteed and eternal and will not be affected.   We in fact have the government we deserve right now.  We and they are a confederacy of fools.

But the time is rapidly coming – as Milton Friedman said – where the piper must be paid. So when you lose your job as the economy goes further south, you too can join the lifetime free paycheck bandwagon and become a true believer in big government socialism. You’ll never get rich but you are guaranteed three squares a day.  Maybe I’ll quit my job and stay home today.

Dear Meg Whitman

Newsdate July 2010

Email sent to the ELECT Meg Whitman for California Governor Campaign

Re: Leadership and Immigration

In a time when we need real leadership… Meg gives us pandering politics.  You can’t lead Meg coming down on both sides of the immigration issue.  Here’s a word to look up…  “illegal”… it means to be outside the law.  I am the grandson of immigrants and we became citizens legally. We invite all those who want to be Americans to come and be Americans…  this is why we came…  to be Americans not to maintain our own culture and flag here and simply take work or handouts from the people of whom we are initially guests.

Sad Meg..  you should fire the people who advise you and become a leader for the people.  We are looking for the real deal.  You are not it.  And to think that you are running against a dangerous incompetent who will do immeasurable harm to the state yet once again and you have the SAME policy as he?

God help us.

The Real Danger: Why Entitlement Will Lead To Bloodshed And Resolution

Greece is the canary in the goldmine.  There will be bloodshed there when the fat salaries, perks and benefits of government workers dry up – which they most certainly will.  It hasn’t hit home yet but the “easy life” is over for at least a generation.  But don’t believe for a moment it will end without the vicious pitting of Greeks against Greeks.

This is going to happen here.  It is going to be ugly. When there are more public employees than private employees to pay for them, the game is simply over.  The cost of entitlement must be decreased since the burden is not only unfair but also unable to be shouldered by the un-entitled.  But entitled people feel… well… entitled.  They really don’t care who has to pay.  They want their entrees and desserts – as promised – even when the fridge is empty and the cupboards bare.

Obama is an entitlement guy.  He has little concern for who pays – the rich, the bankers, the middle class, the corporations – but pay they must because the entitled get angry when the free stuff stops.  Witness the tactics of SIEU thugs who have physically and verbally intimidated American citizens at Tea Parties and at the private homes of business execs.  I am entitled to do this, they chant, when you mess with my benefits buddy you will pay.  They mean it.  This is only the start of this kind of thing.  When the free stuff runs out, the entitled get ugly.

What is really dangerous is the building anger in the now unemployed and far from retirement un-entitled Americans who must pay for the entitlement disaster we have created in our state and federal governments.  These people see the deal the public worker gets and compare it to their deal knowing it is their tax dollars that make it possible.  They are seething.  When the money runs out and taxes are raised, and Peter is robbed to pay Paul, the un-entitled will get ugly too.  The fuse is already lit, and the American people like those in Greece – will be set against each other.

The day of reckoning is here.  There is no denying it.  Obama wants this fight.  He is confident that he and his entitlement cadre can win it.  We cannot count on our politicians for help – gutless on a good day they are incapable of preventing the coming bloodshed.  It is up to the people of America to choose sides and steel for the battle with the firm knowledge and understanding that entitlement is a bad deal for everyone.

All You Need to Know: Why we need “Real Change”

Here’s the headline “White House stands behind Blumenthal”.  For those of you unfamiliar with the story Democratic Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut acknowledged that he “misspoke” when he lied about his military service in Vietnam.  He REPEATEDLY made the claim that he had served in Vietnam.  In fact he was in the Marine Reserves at the time young men like him were actually serving, fighting and dieing in that war.

Mr. Blumenthal would have us believe that this was an unintentional “slip of the tongue”.  What he really meant to say on all those occasions when he said he served in Vietnam was that he had served during Vietnam.  According to Mr. Blumenthal this is all an innocent case of a misplaced preposition.  This is like a guy who claims to have delivered all his wife’s babies, when in fact he was just in the delivery room!  “No! I didn’t say I “delivered” the babies. I meant to say, “I was there during the delivery!”

This is no slip of the tongue.

This is a conscious attempt to deceive a listener in order to achieve a certain bogus status.  We used to call this kind of talk – BS.  But today it’s not, and it is the evil right wing conspiracists who are “meanies” for daring to point out the intended deception.

Anyone who has a rudimentary knowledge of human nature in general, and with politicians in particular, knows what really happened.  Mr. Blumenthal, his polling people and PR staff all agreed to run with the served in Vietnam storyline.  They assumed that the liberal leaning Press would not check the claim and call them on it, and even if they did, the candidate could easily fall back on the tried and true misplaced preposition defense.  They were simply employing a standard tactic from the democratic election playbook.  It worked for Bill Clinton and a long line of other upstanding politicians of ethical renown, and it would work for Mr. Blumenthal should he be caught.

Like Nathan Bedford Forrest the brilliant Confederate Civil War cavalry general, who upon blundering into a Union ambush – a trap of his own making – shouted to his men, “Charge both ways!”,  Mr. Blumenthal goes on the offensive and dares people to question his ethics.  You have to hand it to him – it is bold.  But unlike General Forrest whose bold act was one of valor and bravery born out of desperation, Mr. Blumenthal’s act is merely one of cowardly ass-covering born out of a premeditated campaign strategy.

We used to call people like Mr. Blumenthal (with whom our “Hope and Change” President stands shoulder to shoulder) – lying snakes.  Today we call them Congressmen and Senators.  This is all you need to know about these people and why they need to be turned out en masse this November – if only to bring valor and courage back into the public arena.

This is not cool: Why we need the “uncool”

It is clear that “cool” is not what it used to be.  Cool was the Fonz.  Cool was Mickey Mantle.  Cool was John Glenn.  These guys had the right stuff.  They had grit.  They inspired.  Today cool is Bill Maher and Barack Obama.  These guys have packaging.  They do clever.  They are scolds – full of dreary utopian banalities.  For them cool means:

  • Selection criteria for the Supreme Court must include radicalism, gender, and race.
  • Support of immigration laws – most recently in Arizona – is racist.
  • Participation in a Tea Party qualifies you as a Nazi and Neanderthal.
  • Poking fun at Mohammed – as South Park dared to do – gets your show cancelled.

In their lofty world it is somehow cool that 71 million Americans pay no taxes, yet receive the same benefits and more compliments of the 80 million who do.  While that’s cool for the 71 million free riders, it’s not so cool for other 80 million.  These 80 million “squares” actually think that: (1) justices should first uphold the constitution, (2) enforcing laws is a good idea, (3) voicing opposition is the responsibility of every citizen, and that (4) religious satires are just that – satires that do not require bomb threats.  How uncool!

Worst of all the biggest free riders are all those “cool” people we elected and their “cool” friends they hired – most of whom are unqualified for any job the real world.  These people get better pay, pensions and job security than the ordinary tax paying citizens who have to pay a larger share of their earninbgs to support these people.

This is very “uncool”.  We disagree.  And if this is the new cool, I want the old cool back – the cool of self-sacrifice instead of this brazen larceny.  Where have you gone John Glenn?

True Colors: Why you must know thine enemy

A cross far out in the California desert commemorating military men who died in our wars caught the eye of an Oregon liberal who complained that its presence violated the separation of Church and State.  This,  despite the fact that the Constitution speaks to the peaceful co-existence of church and state rather than their mutual exclusion.  No matter.  This liberal and the ACLU took their battle all the way to the Supreme Court where they lost a meaningless and small-minded assault on the First Amendment.

Yesterday, this same cross was stolen under the cover of darkness, by no doubt the same kind of people.  These actions state more clearly than any words could the true colors of the left wing liberal.  Lawlessness in the pursuit of one’s aims is no crime for the left liberal.  If they can’t win legally, then they resort to illegality – as a matter of principle.  Since the liberal perceives himself as having loftier motives, his commission of a crime is not a crime; it is a righteous act.  In his juvenile and intolerant mind there is such a thing as justifiable violence – which surely this theft is.

This is today’s liberal.  They make laws they ignore at their convenience, but hold the rest of us to account.  They are godless and soul-less and justify any crime be it illegal immigration or the stealing of a sacred and legal cross in a far away dessert.  They are the very definition of corrupt. They are mean-spirited and small-minded people.  They are dangerous cowards but a formidable enemy of the Republic since they play by no rules.  These are their true colors.

False prophets and snake oil salesman: Why we all need to wake up

In what universe is the loss of 36,000 jobs good news?  Well, in the universe of Washington’s false prophets and Wall Street’s snake oil salesmen it is.  To hear them react to the job number reports last week, you would almost think that the President’s economic “programs” are working and it’s time to get fully invested in the market again.

According to Wall Street and Harry Reid, we are back on track!  Everything in America is good again – and it’s happy days from here on out.  This is decided irresponsible tripe.  But seriously what else would you expect from these salesman – substance?  Reality?  Here’s the truth.  While most Americans outside Washington and Wall Street earned less and lost more last year, people in those lines of work had a banner year.

Here’s another unfortunate truth.  Americans hungry for any good news seem willing to buy almost anything from anyone to relieve their pain – even if it’s the irresponsible tripe being hawked by these false prophets and snake oil salesmen.  But as crazy as this seems, many Americans are buying it!  It’s as if we have some massive case of attention deficit disorder and are trusting again the VERY people who pillaged our finances just 12 short months ago.  This ADD however is great news for the false prophets and the snake oil salesman, because a desperate customer is their best customer.  Desperate customers rarely kick the tires.

I for one am not buying any of this.  This makes me a bad person.  More specifically, people like me must be singled out by the false prophets and snake oil salesmen and labeled as raging tea baggers, non team players, and non-believing cretins and heretics.  I prefer to deal in the facts not the message. You want facts and truth (channeling Jack Nicholson)?  It is true enough – ONLY 36,000 Americans lost jobs last month.  First, ask those Americans how good they feel about the news.  Fact: I am guessing not too positive.

Second take a moment to do the math.  Fact: More than 4 million jobs were lost in the last 14 months and these have yet to be replaced.  Fact: Nearly 20% of the US working population is out of work, has given up looking for it or is semi to very under-employed right now!  Fact: Until this changes – and there are no signs that it will in the near future – happy days are decidedly NOT here again.

Let’s talk closer to home.  Are you better off than you were 14 months ago?  Are your friends?  Didn’t think so.  So whom do you believe and trust?  The salesman or your own eyes, ears and gut?  Here’s the truth about these salesmen.  Wall Street no longer represents the state of the American economy; it is a global gaming industry.  And Washington?  Public servants?  Please!  So again, I ask you, whom do you trust?

I am far from negative about our future.  In fact I am bullish about the American People.  I believe we will run these false prophets and snake oil salesman out of town.  It has already started with a small group of wide awake people who are not only brave enough to be heretics but are willing to be warriors in battle for nothing less than our freedom and prosperity.  We need to swell their ranks.

It is time for all of us to wake up and choose sides in the coming battle.  Like Leonides and the 300 Spartans at Thermopylae, a small number of committed people can turn back a soul less horde and their sales people.  If you don’t buy this, anyone for free Health Care?

Sacrifice: Why there will be a revolution – and soon

As I watched two men speak last week, it was clear to me that we are at war in this country.  Glenn Beck keynoted the CPAC Conference, while the President did the same for his HealthCare soiree.  Say what you will about either man, they are able to mobilize followers – but their respective visions of America are not only radically different, they are entirely incompatible.  There is nary a square foot of common ground, and this is a recipe for revolution.

We are a divided country.  Worse, we are a leaderless country in the middle – save for the Tea Party movement – which has become the voice of the increasingly awake and disaffected middle – the 50% of the America that no longer recognizes the country in which they grew up.

While Glenn Beck is all passion and principle, the President is all distance and politics.  There is nothing that makes a passionate man angrier than a distant and political one – and the Tea Party people are passionate AND principled.  While these men fight their war of ideas in the media, the increasingly passionate middle is coming alive as they realized they are THE collateral damage in a declining economy.

There is a Second American Revolution brewing and the fight will be about economics more than it is about principles – quite like the First.  You see while it is fine to talk about high-minded welfare state ideas and spending when the money is flowing, it is quite another when there’s no cash in the bank.  The Liberal Left is about to find this out in 2010.  There is no more money and there is no patience in Middle America for tax take-aways that transfer shrinking paychecks to the public trough.

Liberals have painted themselves and the country into a corner because they are unable to do simple arithmetic.  The American middle (a.k.a. small business private sector) has done this arithmetic and clearly and rightly sees that decline and dissolution are the end game when spending exceeds income.  They need not look any further than California and New York – whose economies closely resemble that of Greece – to understand that they are collateral damage as the public sector needs to tap them for more funds.  This is ground zero where the revolution will be fought in the November elections.

The end game, which the public sector refuses to consider, is that they are about to be downsized.  This downsizing has nothing to do with principles like “government should be smaller”; it is simply a matter of arithmetic.  There is no more money.  Taxes are draining the pocketbooks and hope of the private sector middle, and the well is running dry.

But the public sector is not going to give up their pensions and jobs without a fight.  The fight in November will get ugly.  These elections won’t be the first shots fired, that happened as it did the first time in Massachusetts, nor will these be the last as we are still a long way from Yorktown in this revolution, but the outcome is inevitable.  The great experiment that started with Roosevelt has run out of steam and cash.  It is no longer a coherent set of principles; it is simply an old-fashioned money grab for the public sector.

There is a way to avoid this revolution, but it would require real sacrifice by the public sector.  It was the ideal of shared sacrifice that made us a country and it is the lack of it that now tears us apart.  Look it up in the dictionary.  Sacrifice –the act of giving up something for the greater good.  There is another definition.  Sacrifice – killing of a victim on an altar as an offering to a deity.  The Liberal left is only too willing to kill the private sector on the altar of public spending in praise of their Utopian dreams.  That is why there will be revolution and right soon.  The money is running out now – not at some time in the distant future.

Robin Hood: Why things will get worse before they get better

Sometime this Spring, Hollywood will – in the person of Russell Crowe as Robin Hood – glorify the life of a common criminal who “stole from the rich to give to the poor” making him into a hero.  Sometime this year, the President and Congress will raise taxes on the “rich” justifying it as a moral imperative instead of facing the music and cutting government spending themselves.

The target of this taxation will of course be the “evil rich.”  The problem for many of us – who do not consider ourselves rich – is that we will now be included in the “evil rich” and taxed to satisfy the yawning deficit and the lust of the Robin Hood Liberal Left to punish success in the name of the poor.  The fact that there is so much wrong with this approach and so much history to confirm it will not deter them. As a result, things will get worse for America before they get better.

If Liberals were students of history, they might take note that the British Empire was not built upon the exploits of Robin Hood, nor was the American Century the product of redistributionist taxation of the rich.  Both were built on the teachings of a true Great Brit – Adam Smith – and his idea that unfettered capitalistic freedom empowers common people to create, invest, and reap the rewards of their efforts.

The same student of history would also note that post World War II Britain abandoned this approach for precisely the one Obama envisions for America now.  Britain has predictably suffered the consequences.  The British Empire is a distant memory and the country a shell of its former self – both economically and morally.  This is the legacy of Robin Hood.

The legacy is one of economic and moral decline.  Were one to play out Robin’s mission to its logical end, all the rich would be reduced to poverty assuming they would not fight, hide, or cease to cooperate by working first.  This raises the obvious question, “When the rich are no longer rich, from where will the money come for the poor?”  Taxation is simply theft when targeted at one group unequally.  There is nothing moral about theft no matter how mightily the Left spins it.

In purely economic terms taxing the “rich” in the teeth of a recession will only further dampen investment, which will stall any job creation, which will continue to curtail spending.  Everyone will suffer further declines in income as a result.  Perhaps worse than the economic decline is the moral decline that accompanies redistribution.  Without job creation and growth, there is little hope for increased living standards.  Without the hope of increased living standards, those still game enough to fight on will be merely fighting for a piece of a shrinking pie.

The problem with Robin Hood’s “moral crusade” is that stealing from a man robs him of more than money – it robs him of the hope of fair play and the trust in communal personal responsibility.  Just ask any victim of a home burglary; what was worse, the material loss or the feeling of being violated?  Stealing is not heroic.  It is criminal and pathetic – and perhaps worst of all – “small time.”  What made Britain and America great was the freedom of common men to become big men without the threat of thievery.

Big men don’t steal.  Big men make a pie bigger promoting fair play, responsibility and the freedom to become rich – in both money and spirit.  Britain’s post World War II choice to channel Robin Hood instead of Adam Smith has condemned an entire nation to lower living standards and moral torpor.  Is this what we want?  Or do we aspire to something bigger and nobler?

Our current reality – and it is a dangerous one – is that this President is a small man.  He and his kind must be voted out of office before the damage they cause on their crusade condemns us to a Britain-like future.  The American Tea Party movement understands this.  That is why bigger men support the movement, while the small-minded can only ridicule it.  The real question for both the rich and the poor in Post 9/11 America is – whom will we choose to channel – Robin Hood or Adam Smith?