Who needs term limits?


Today the sexual harassment parade claimed Matt Lauer. We don’t need term limits to clear the Congressional swamp. All we need are accusers and the immediate termination of the offenders. What if these corporate sector rules applied to Conyers, Franken, et al.? Right… no need for term limits.

Alas, the same standards don’t apply to Congress – where virtue is the obvious norm and no oversight necessary. These standards apparently only apply to the corporate sector – the universal source of all that is evil. I guess it’s like health care, the Congress doesn’t have to use the same lousy insurance options the rest of us do… and even better they have a taxpayer slush fund they can use to cover their sexual harassment sins… but I digress.

One more question… How did we come to this current “reality” of epidemic sexual harassment? Look no further than gender and zero-tolerance politics. And isn’t it ironic, that those most responsible for these political principles are now being hung by them?

What a world. This is what the Spanish Inquisition must have been like.


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