PC Kills

How many dead in NYC?

PC (political correctness) kills…  not only does it “kill” the truth, but it kills real people.

How it kills the truth: Since one cannot say anything about any “protected” group that is deemed politically incorrect, the truth dies and all we have are “narratives” (favorite word of the left). A narrative is a story. It may be interesting, but it may not be factual. For example, looking at the data we see that there are many young black men in jail. Narrative: That’s all racism. Facts: Maybe they actually committed crimes that put them in that unfortunate place.

How it kills people: Some guy (a terrorist whom we just don’t understand and need to reach out to more) on a diversity visa (politically correct program as opposed to border control a politically incorrect and racist doctrine) gets a truck from Home Depot (trucks will no doubt soon be banned like guns) and runs over eight unfortunate people.

The question is, Who really killed them?

God forbid we ask real questions to ascertain the truth to answer that question. For example, Chuck Schumer stated (I kid you not)…  If we had only had more concrete pillars in place

That’s right the lack of concrete pillars was the reason, not a dysfunctional diversity visa program or the ideology that created such a program in the first place.

PC kills real people.

May God grant some peace to those poor families who lost their loved ones because the PC left is not going to help them.


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