Irony Abounds

Irony abounds – everywhere today. We get it. But the people (idiots, morons, children, brats, haters, progressives, liberals, students???) who burned down a Starbucks on their Berkeley campus, apparently don’t.

Irony – incongruity between the actual result of a sequence of events and the normal or expected result – usually humorous or sardonic.

So here’s the irony. They burned down a Starbucks – a company that embraces everything liberal including sanctuary of criminals. They burned down a coffee shop – now they have to walk farther to get a cup of coffee. They destroyed their own property – to what end I am uncertain. All this destruction caused by a riot (an expression I suppose of the rioter’s free speech “rights”) to prevent someone else whose reason for going to Berkeley was to talk about… yes – free speech.

That’s enough irony to launch a ship. It’s funny. We get it. We laugh – although it is sad… pathetic really.

They? Laugh? Are you kidding? They just get madder. That’s funny too.

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