Phony Immigration Protectionistas

The following is a quote from a major newspaper…

In a preliminary estimate for 2016, the statistics office said the population has eclipsed the previous record high recorded at the end of 2002, even though the number of deaths in 2016 exceeded the number of births. Deaths have exceed births since 1972 with a total of more than 5 million fewer births than deaths. However, countering that trend, more than a million people fleeing war and poverty have flocked here drawn by a strong economy, liberal asylum laws and generous benefits.

No. It’s not the USA. It’s a British newspaper. The country is Germany… and it seems Prime Minister Merkel has a big problem… with her own people. Given all the phony hoo-haa, you have to wonder why no one is addressing the questions; why is it racist or insensitive to protect what is GERMAN, and why do the countries bear no responsibility for the mass exodus of their own?

The truths are these:

  • Immigration is a good thing when the immigrants come to assimilate and make something of themselves.
  • Immigrants are rarely accepted with open arms (the Chinese, the Irish and the Italians were not received with open arms here in the US)… BUT these groups (the Chinese, the Irish, the Italians, and many more) have proven willing to – assimilate and make something of themselves.

Those that deny human nature… and the reality that a great many immigrants do come for the free stuff… are obtuse at best and dangerous at worst… as personified by the unthinking at JFK this weekend of those who support “sanctuary” for the same (including recidivist criminals).

As for countries (like Mexico and others) that point their fingers at their neighbors for NOT for permitting the free flow over their borders, they should more properly look at where the other three fingers are pointing (back at them), and address their own absolute failure regarding their people including complete apathy in the treatment of the same, before offering advice on immigation.

But elites and the dictators know no shame when it comes to the treatment of humanity and their own demogaguery in denying human nature and proper government.

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