True Colors

Last night in Orange County CA, thugs overwhelmed the police (who are now useless) and made a mockery of the First Amendment.
Donald Trump came to make a speech and the leftist “liberal” thugs used violence to quash his rights.  The Police???  For whom we pay taxes???  not up to the job.
Everyone knows that Republicans hate poor people, women, immigrants…  yet I cannot find one Republican friend who holds any of those feelings.
So, what’s going on???  First the real haters are on the Left.  Could you imagine a similar thing happening at a Hillary rally?  Republicans smashing police cars and threatening violence to the participants?  Could you?
Of course not.  So here’s the obvious elephant in the room…  the unchecked hatred of the Left for anything that does not fit their world view…  and the current government’s lack of desire and ability to rightfully handle it.
Shame.  Peggy Noonan has it about correct in her column last week.  You can read it here…
Thanks.  I pray that we awaken from this national slide into intolerance and hatred.  These are the TRUE COLORS of the Left.  They are the haters.  Please help save what little is left of our country.  Stand up for what is Right.

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