We the People

Trump and the GOP.  This my letter to the editors of the Weekly Standard (a true conservative and more – American magazine).
Dear Sirs/Madams;

All that fear and loathing with Mitt Romney today.  What is that about?  Sounds of the dying, desperate last gasps of a failed elite – the GOP.  
I am thinking of Marie and Louis 1789 France …  so wrapped up in their court intrigues they could not recognize there are real people with experiences (quite mundane often) other than theirs.  They did not end up well.  Now the GOP elite are in the same frame of mind.
But it is real people not the elites who make the decisions in this country (not Obama, not Hillary and not Donald – he actually seems to “get” that).  Yes…  We the People…  words that make me tear up as I write them.  Not you the elite who feel the need to tell us what we should THINK.  Shame on the GOP.
What is going on with Trump is so OBVIOUS to all us (We the People),that it’s flabbergasting that you don’t see it.  The GOP has utterly failed us, even with an incompetent in Presidential office.  And worse – your mouthpiece – Mitt lost to him.  Obama was the most surprised guy Election Day November 2012…  he was sure he was going to lose…  but he didn’t.
Here’s the point – We all want to see Hillary sent packing in the worst way.  I have voted Republican since I learned my lessons after college about Democrats.  We the People are willing to sacrifice some our conservative principles and to do exactly that.  Not one of the GOP’s supported candidates can do that.  Donald can.
As was once said, politics is the art of the practical, not the possible.
Faithful Reader

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