Phony Class Warfare

Phony Class Warfare (See headline below)

Well here again are the facts about who pays and who gets.  So talk to me about… fair.  Shouldn’t the 45% be thanking the “rich” instead of vilifying them?  What is certain is that this is a story that you won’t hear from either Hillary or Bernie (Two phony class warriors if there ever were such a thing – Karl Marx was another.  He never worked a day in his life and was a mooch of epic proportions…  but I digress).

This story is an inconvenient truth that does not fit their narrative.*  Sounds like the same old lame class warfare attempting to get votes by stoking that old, reliable, most common and banal of all human emotions – envy.  I guess it is one way to get elected.

*Narrative is a story…  that may or not be factual. Often it is simply an act of faith or an outright lie.

Here’s the link to the whole story.  You be the judge.

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