Children in Charge

It’s hard to remember what the Democratic Party used to be like just 20 years ago.  There were actual adults running the Party…  go back and check it out…  the majority of the Party were (1) fiscal conservatives who worked for balanced budgets, (2) global hawks who believed in maintaining global peace through a strong military, and (3) sensible social architects who understood the necessary limits on welfare in all its forms.
Today, the Democratic Party is contemplating running Bernie Sanders (a socialist hobbit and Chief Child in Charge – Think “Lord of the Flies”) as their presidential candidate.  He, the darling of the pampered child-like 18 – 22 year old college demographic might actually beat that old mendacious battle-axe – Clinton.  Yes the children are truly running the Democratic Party now.  The responsible House Democrats from the last generation must have wondered how it ever got this far…  Now we know.
Here’s Bernie…Bernie Hobbit

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