The Donald

Say what you will about Donald… loud-mouthed, egocentric, maybe even poor presidential material (I doubt it given an incompetent like Obama made it to the White house… but I digress), but he knows exactly what he is doing.

In a presidential campaign marked by the dull and the predictable: Hillary’s Marxist –Feminist ideas… Rich people are… blah blah blah… War on women…blah blah blah) and the Republicans ideas (I can’t think of a single good one right now), Donald has kept it interesting… and the polls support that.

For the past 72-hour news cycle… he is the only candidate on TV getting tons of free PR thanks to the “outrage” of CNN and MSNBC (both of whom are outraged everyday). In a normal news cycle these networks would be getting out the vote for Hillary.

In fact BOTH networks were so outraged that yesterday the TV on-screen sub-banner screamed in CAPS, “IS TRUMP A FACIST?” No you morons, he’s a genius and he is playing you guys like a fiddle. Say what you will about Donald, but he is managing to keep every other candidate out of the news.


My brother pointed this out yesterday:  The Glaring DOUBLE Standard…

The media and their progressive friends are permitted to call Donald Trump a nazi and a racist.  First it is wildly inaccurate… meaning they are clueless about the definition of those words.  Second and far more insidious…  they are not held to account for their slander or the injury those labels produce.  
Can you image any media outlet referring to Obama or Clinton in those terms?  Can you?  Even though arguably the labels fit better.
That my friends is hypocrisy and the glaring double standard at the heart of the liberal progressive point of view.
I pray to God that this awful crowd will one day have to pay for their looseness and meanness. Karma is a bitch as they say.    You go Donald Trump and call them out for the phonies they are.
Merry Christmas.


Citizen K

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