Hypocrisy – When the Truth Doesn’t Matter Anymore

Make no mistake – political correctness is a disease of the small minded where the ultimate victim is truth. “In an age of deceit (read: political correctness – for that is what it is, deceit), telling the truth is a revolutionary act” – and in a PC culture the equivalent of treason.

So you have to ask yourself why has the truth about the Oregon Community College murderer’s parentage been hidden? The facts are the victims are white and the shooter’s mother is black (making the shooter as black as the President). Were the situation reversed that would be sufficient for us to have to endure 24-7 news coverage, marches and riots.

What makes this truly creepy is a photo of the killer (shown on CNN) that was literally “white” washed to lighten his skin color. So who’s racist here – me, CNN? Be careful – the truth can get you into trouble in a PC society.

This, of course in a healthy society would be considered beyond shameful. But in our society today… How small minded are you that you have to hang onto to your liberal racist narrative? Why are you so afraid of the truth?

I am now a racist per our modern PC culture. I am guilty of treason!

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