Syndromes and Hurricanes

What does one have to do with the other?

I have written before about the differences between the conservative and liberal minds…  how they work and how the two are essentially irreconcilable (see “Differences” below).   Nice theory you might say… but syndromes and hurricanes are real life examples of these differences.

Ray Rice – NFL player – beats his girl friend, who later becomes his wife.  It is big “news” and every liberal talk show rolls out the “Battered Wife” Syndrome.  Ray’s behavior is inexcusable.  No man beats a woman – ever.  But are the two victims of a syndrome?  Was he compelled by some force to beat her, and was she by the same force compelled to stay?   Liberals see syndromes at work everywhere.  Conservatives see bad choices and poor judgment at work.

This is the sixth consecutive hurricane season where there have been…  no hurricanes.  This despite the annual “doom and gloom” forecasts of the Global Warming…  oops Climate Change “believers”.  It has gotten so bad the Weather Channel has taken to naming winter snowstorms…  a practice once reserved for hurricanes.  The liberal mind creates rationale to explain away facts while clinging to beliefs.  The conservative thinks…  s–t happens and then it doesn’t… and that variation is a natural feature of complex systems.

It must be mentally exhausting to be a liberal…  maybe this explains why so many go into therapy.  For the liberal mind choice and chance are not nearly as relevant as conspiracies and plots

Or in Ray Rice’s case…  It wasn’t he… it was the devil that made him do it.  And for the Global Warming crowd the lack of hurricanes is somehow twisted into further proof of their pet theory.  I rest my case.


NOTE: Differences:

According to research, the difference between the liberal and conservative mind is simple. When Conservatives fail or succeed they see their own choices and actions as responsible.  When Liberals fail they see events, conspiracies and a rigged system beyond one’s control as primarily responsible.

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