His Name was Daryl Pierson

Less than three weeks after the national disgrace of Ferguson Missouri…

Is there another way to describe the Press coverage and the actions of the Attorney General and the Administration?

…there was another shooting involving a police officer this week.

And unless you live in Rochester NY – where I was visiting this week – you  will likely never hear about it.  The victim’s name was Daryl Pierson.  He was 32-years old.  He was white.  He was a policeman.  He was slain by a black man – a long time felon – who was just two weeks ago released from prison.  Daryl Pierson was on duty when it happened.

Under chilly and dreary skies yesterday 6,000 people in Rochester showed up to pay their respects to this young man.  Not among those 6,000… the Governor of NY who resides a 40-minute helicopter ride away in Albany.  Also not among the 6,000…

  • CNN and the rest of the Press – who reported the other story 24/7 for days.
  • The Attorney General and the President.
  • The Reverends (loosely titled) Jackson and Sharpton.

Just so you know, the officer’s name was Daryl Pierson.  He was a good man.  He was a husband and a father to two young girls – 3 and 4 years old.  He was well liked.  He was alive three days ago

We all learned the name of the Ferguson “victim” and his police officer “killer”.  But the nation will never know Daryl Pierson’s name.  As for his killer… his name does not matter and deserves no mention here or anywhere.

So let me ask you.  Is there nothing wrong with this picture?  Or should we all just shut up and accept as “normal” what seems like hypocrisy to me?

RIP Daryl Pierson.  I will pray for his wife and children who must carry on without him.


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