Joan Rivers RIP

Say what you will about Joan Rivers and her sense of humor…  it may not have been yours perhaps…  But grieve nonetheless for her passing for she is emblematic of a disappearing type of woman.

She was a Republican and a friend to the Reagans, she gave to charities without calling attention to her giving, she was a feminist in the true sense of the word in that she made something of herself in a man’s world with her own grit and determination.

She never punished you with her political views, nor gave of her time and money with the paparazzi in tow to chronicle it for all to see like Brad and Angelina and the rest of the virtuous Hollywood crowd (who never miss an opportunity to backhand George Bush nor be on camera adopting half of Africa).

She just showed up everyday, did her job and tried to make you laugh.  She took responsibility for her bad jokes and her good ones, her good behavior and bad without blaming anyone.


Instead today we get a softer person perfectly embodied in the current Administration.  I was reading an article about why a President so obviously failing is not being held to account.  It comes down to the differences between the liberal and conservative minds.  If you are a Conservative President and you fail…  it is your fault.  If you are Liberal President and you fail, then the office is just too big for one man, and there’s no way anyone could succeed given circumstances, etc.

According to research, the difference between the liberal and conservative mind is simple. When Conservatives fail or succeed they see their own choices and actions as responsible.  When Liberals fail they see events, conspiracies and a rigged system beyond one’s control as responsible.  Of course when Liberals succeed the world is right, as they know it should be (the perfect self fulfilling prophesy).

Thus it is not possible for Obama to fail… or to learn.  The fault for his failures is in the stars, in the cards, and in unfair expectations…  anywhere but where it should be…  with his choices and actions.

Joan Rivers knew differently.  RIP.


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