PRESS PASS: Drop Out Nation

Last month only 88,000 jobs were created and the PRESS immediately leaped on the “good news” that the unemployment rate declined to 7.6% from 7.7% ignoring the fact 496,000 people dropped out of the labor force. The total “drop out” number has surged from 80,699,000 to 89,967,000 since February 2009.  Sales at retailers also fell significantly last month as higher taxes and energy prices consume more income.  Not surprisingly the consumer confidence index fell to its lowest level in nine months.  Has any of this made the news, and been laid at the door of the President?  Seriously?  What do you think?  Instead what do we get from the Press daily?

Black, black, black, gay, gay, gay, black, black, black, gay, gay, gay.  We get diversionary reporting about “social” issues that deflect from very real problems.  I will say this one last time…  I do not care if you are black, gay, short or tall, white or straight.   These are conditions, not aspirations.  Everyone’s aspiration is economic prosperity and a higher standard of living, not as the Press suggests when it demagogues blackness and gayness as somehow more important than prosperity and happiness and whiteness and straightness.  Who’s racist and sexist here?  Yeah I know – I am…  the Press would not write it if it were not true.

The truth is people are dropping out of the aspirational pursuit of a higher standard of living.  This is a story that should be reported, but sadly is not and the President and his kind are getting a PRESS PASS on the biggest story of our times – DROP OUT NATION.  Too many don’t have to work, or are making conscious decisions to drop out of the work force.

As I said in my last article this is what Mitt should have talked about… using examples of very real people like Sandra and Barbara.

 Sandra (not her name) who works in the same location as my wife, has for the past ten years been out on disability two to three times every year for periods as extensive as eight months.  She is unmarried with five children from five different men.  This fact suggests that she was not so disabled as to take part in a least some physical activity.  She is currently on Food Stamps, WIC, and CA Housing Assistance.  She drives an Escalade and has a free cell phone.  Her current boyfriend is also currently out on disability and not legally in the country.  None of this is a secret.  She is happy to tell you about it.

Barbara (not her name) works for one of my clients.  She is a talented and competent manager.  She is quitting her job at the request of her husband because of tax increases in the State of Illinois.  It turns out that their combined salary puts them in a bracket where the combined Federal and State tax bite eats up her salary.  In other words, they will be better off were she to make $35,000 instead of the $80,000 she gets now.  Their solution is to quit her job so she can manage her husband’s weekend business – where he gets paid cash for the work he performs.  They DO want this kept a secret.  And they are not happy about this at all, but working doesn’t pay for them.

These Sandra and Barbara decisions are made by MILLIONS of people everyday.  Yet the Press does not report on this massive dislocation of work and character.  They continue to keep us in the dark on Drop Out Nation.


This stands for Kept In The Dark, Fed Only Horse Shit (as in how mushrooms are treated).


It is a classic military arm patch inspired by events from Viet Nam, where air force troops who participated in a 1957 raid on a prison camp were not privy to any of the information about the raid and were sent into a situation with minimal awareness of the potential consequences.

Kinda like the Press today huh?  Maybe I should sell these patches and start a new political party like the “No-Nothing” Party of 19th Century America (look it up).

One Final Note:  David Stockman has written a book about this hoax – you should read it (click on the link below).  He is a pretty smart guy.


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