How to Win the White House: 1

One of our readers asked me to “get real” and talk about what “we” (Republicans, Tea Partiers, Conservatives, businessmen, people of common sense and traditional morals, aka Old Fogies) need to do to get someone – who shares our aspirational worldview – elected to the White House.

My initial response to him was that the probability of winning the White House – for all the reasons outlined by the “good rabbi” (see my last article) – is very slim until something changes.  Mitt Romney had it exactly right with his “47%” assessment of the electorate.  That is why Mitt’s aspirational message fell on deaf ears for 47%’ers.  The 47%’ers in many ways need not aspire because there is little motivation for them to do so.  Given human nature the idea of risk and work is far less compelling than the reality of a guaranteed free lunch.

Mitt’s miscalculation was that he did not go further with his insight and paint a real and accurate picture of the financial and moral corruption rife in our system of transfer payments to the 47%’ers.


The 47%’ers

Is there poverty in the US?  Yes, as there is everywhere.  Should there be poverty in a perfect world?  Of course not, but we live now and always in a less than perfect world.  The truth is there are fewer poor today than ever in the US, and in relative per capita terms the poor are three times better off than those under the poverty line of just two generations ago.  In fact the government’s income definition for those under the poverty line does not include transfer payments that averaged $62,000 per person last year (46.2MM people).

How do the 47%’ers live?  Here are a few stats from the US Census Bureau:

  • Eighty percent (80%) of these households have air conditioning
  • Seventy five percent (75%) have a car / truck and 35% have two
  • Seventy percent (70%) have cable or satellite TV
  • Seventy percent (70%) have VCR’s or DVD players
  • Fifty percent have computers and the Internet

And the list goes on.  No… this is not the lap of luxury, but neither is it the dire pronouncements of the progressive liberal democrats.  The truly astonishing statistic is that 98% of the poor reported that their children never went hungry during the year.  All of this is good, or is it?

Depressingly the same report shows that there is very limited upward mobility in this segment of the population and that the principal cause of long-term poverty is the absence of a two parent home and the erosion of the work ethic – conditions precisely perpetuated by government programs.

In other words, all the money in the world won’t solve a moral and ethical problem.  And for the many of the 47%’ers, there’s enough money to stay out of real poverty – as people knew it two generations ago – but not enough to escape it and have hopes of a better future.


“Something Changes”

Something must change for a Republican to get elected to the White House.  That “thing” is the condition of the 47%.  It is sad to say but cutting back programs is now necessary.  Too many of the 47%’ers have become “active” in abusing the system and relying on government programs for their daily bread.  Heartless?  So say the opposition.  They paint evil pictures of fat Republicans / Conservatives and we for some reason fail to respond and paint the same and more condemning picture of fat and happy liberals who (1) have little time for improving the lives of the 47%’ers, and (2) make money off the transfer payment programs.

What is truly heartless – and should be hung on the necks of Liberals / Democrats – is the act of condemning these people to a life on the government dole and robbing them of their character in exchange for a few easy dollars to buy their dependable vote.

Mitt should have exposed the system for what it is – a corrupter of society that pits rich against poor.  He should have called out Obama and his like and shown them for what they are – panderers and hypocrites who care only about the poor as a voting bloc.  He should have said to the 47%’ers…  I am your guy, you deserve better than the crumbs they give you.  I will not use you and I will create an environment where you can make your own money, so that in the morning before you go to work you can look in the mirror and hold your head up high.

If we want to win, we need to go to war to win the war for some percentage of the 47%’ers who still feel that risk and work is worth it – not only to put food on the table but to feel pride in achieving their own successes.  You’re right Bill.  Let’s get real.  Are you ready to fight with me?

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