World Turned Upside Down 4

In a cold winter a lake will turn upside down.  It’s true.  When the water on the top cools enough it sinks so rapidly that the warmer water on the bottom is forced to the top.  The lake literally turns upside down – or as some say – it flips.

I watched a documentary on the rise of fascism in 1930’s Europe last week.  Today we marvel that it could have occurred at all.  Yet it did.  The parallels are here in the US today.  There’s a “charismatic leader”, government control of the economy and arms, swooning masses, crony capitalism, easy material abundance, and a compliant press propaganda machine.  Scary?  You bet.  Far fetched?  I think not.  And I truly think about this everyday.

In the 1930’s only one man spoke out while everyone else went along for the “fascist” ride.  He was banished to the political wilderness for it.  His name is Winston Churchill.  He saw fascism as a world turned upside down and like the lake in winter – knew it had to be turned over.

This week at a prayer breakfast in Washington, a black man, Ben Carson, (Chief of neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins), spoke with “dear leader” not more than three feet away on the same dais.  He said the United States is dangerously upside down.  You can see / hear his speech by clicking on the link below.

It is 27 minutes long – but worth it.  You will hear a modern day Churchill daring to speak out against the over-bearing political correctness and tyranny at the top of our lake.  He reminds us of a simple natural truth – that government works for the people in a democracy.  Not the other way around as it does in fascism.

We would do well to remember this.  It was just a short 60 years ago that American men stormed ashore at Omaha Beach to end fascism and liberate Europe from it self-inflicted destruction.  Within the first 20 minutes on that June day in 1944 thirty-four men who came to be known as the “Boys from Bedford” (Virginia), 116th Infantry Regiment, 29th Infantry Division, suffered 100% casualties in the cause of defeating fascism.

That for which those “boys” gave their last full measure, we now embrace?  Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  Churchill saw fascism for what it was. Ben Carson sees it.  Call them crazy.  I call them courageous.  History calls them right.

Time to flip the lake.  No?


Interested in the Bedford Boys?  Get the book here:


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