Press Pass:  A New True / False Test

This post features events where the Press/Media give Dear Leader a pass…  and bury a story.

MICHIGAN: Here’s the story line…

At a rally in Michigan this week during the middle of the workday (don’t of these union people work?), Jimmy Hoffa said that “there’s going to be a CIVIL WAR” – all because Michigan passed a right to work rule.  Yea…  if you are a person or an employer you can CHOOSE not to work for or deal with a union.  You have that right!  We need a Civil War over the right to choose?

At this same rally union people were carrying signs that proclaimed “WE’RE NOT THUGS”, while one of their own was punching out a Fox News reporter.  It’s almost comical if it weren’t so dangerous.  These people have serious bad intent and now they are bolstered and backed by the PRESIDENT of the US who as a community activist stood on the same lines they do now “back in the day” shaking down companies and voters for more money and less accountability.

Here’s the link to Jimmy boy.  They say the apple never falls far from the tree – so here goes your proof…  (click here)

The problem is that “liberal progressives” like Hoffa are careless with their actions and their words.  Civil War?  Has he any idea what the cost of that war was and is he wishing this on us?  He’d say, “No that is not what I meant.”  But sir, it is what you said.  Either say what you mean or take more care when you do.

As for a Civil War with and by these thugs?  I say bring it on.  Sooner the better…  It is time to fight for OUR rights as citizens to choose what we want.  There…  I feel better.

Oh yes…  Have YOU seen this story being covered 24/7 by CNN or MSNBC or ABC or CBS or NBC ???

 You’re right.  I’m making a mountain out of a molehill… there is no story here.  Move on people, nothing to see.

True / False Test. If this happened when George Bush was in office, the Press coverage would be exactly the same.
Press Pass #4 to Dear Leader and his Union Mob

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