Press Pass:  A New True / False Test

This post features events where the Press/Media give Dear Leader a pass…  and bury a story.

NEW YORK: Here’s the story line…

A week before the election Sandy blows through New Jersey and New York.  Obama shows up kisses a few babies, hugs a few women, pals around with Chris Christie (dope) and gets a big wet kiss from Mayor Bloomberg…  for all of 24 hours before jetting off to another fund raiser (even HE thought he was going to lose the election)…

This week the victims of Sandy are still being sandbagged by Obama’s agencies…  FEMA!!!!  Many are still a long, long way from a return to normality…  where’s Obama now?  And why don’t we hear about this story.  Seems pretty newsworthy?  No?

Well we know exactly where he is…  He is not in New York kissing babies or hugging the old gals.  He is jetting off to Hawaii for a $4 MM vacation funded by you – the taxpayer.  Isn’t life grand?  Merry Christmas New Jersey and York.  I do feel bad for people in such dire straits… but not too much on this one.  Both states went big for the O-man.  Elections as we say – have consequences.

Have YOU seen this story being covered 24/7 by CNN or MSNBC or ABC or CBS or NBC ???

You’re right.  I’m making a mountain out of a molehill… there is no story here.  Move on people, nothing to see.

True / False Test. If this happened when George Bush was in office, the Press coverage would be exactly the same.

Press Pass #3 to Dear Leader

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