Do The Math…

My dear niece, bless her soul, voted for Obama.  She wasn’t bothered by the federal deficit because the money Obama was spending was a good thing she said and was not going to increase debt – this from a college grad.  So for all those who actually believe this, let’s be clear (An Obama phrase favorite :) )…

If you spend more than you earn you increase your debt.  Debt has to be paid back – either you, the debtor, or by the banker (who takes it in the shorts and no longer has that lost money to lend to other people).  In addition, the more debt you accrue, the more you pay in interest leaving less money for your expenses or for investing in assets like a business or a home that actually create wealth (WEALTH – this is a TOXIC word for progressive liberals – and soon to be banned by CNN and MSNBC as racist).

The only ways to address finances responsibly are (1) to earn more money, or (2) to spend less.  So how does the Obama government do in that regard?

Let’s look at the 2012 budget math.

The current US government debt is $16,350,900,000,000.  Were this debt called and had to be paid back today by the taxpayers (because the government has NO money) it would cost the 140,000,000 2012 tax filers $116,972 each.  That ain’t happening!

So what is the government budget plan?  See for yourself…  This is the budget.

OK, so far so good we have a SPENDING budget!  So how much will the government earn (collect in taxes) to pay for this spending?  Again… let’s go to THEIR budget.

Is there a problem with this plan?  Well yes!!!  For one the budget doesn’t pay back ANY of the debt owed – at all.  On the contrary it ADDS 1,327,500,000,000 more debt so that we now owe $17,678,400,000.  Secondly, most of the spending is dedicated to pay for annual expenses like Welfare and Interest (71% of the budget) and precious little on investment like Military and Infrastructure.  Thirdly – and worst of all – it forces the government to charge taxpayers more money – this at a time when we are all poorer than we were four years ago.

Have I fixed anything in this post?  No, but at least I’ve clarified  that my niece did not vote for this guy because of his command of math.  Isn’t the NEW America great – you don’t even have to bother doing your math homework anymore – who uses it?

Next time we look at who pays the taxes…  You rich people are hosed.

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