It’s about the Money: Why we need to be concerned about Prop 8 in California

I, for one, am exhausted by the political and judicial gymnastics over Prop 8 in California.  For those of you not from the failed state of California, Prop 8 is the contentious and expensive proposition ballot – famous in a state for contentious and stupid spending – to legalize same sex (DO NOT SAY GAY!) marriage.  Here’s how the story goes.  In the 2008 election, the same one that elected the current failed President, the people of California voted 53% to 47% NOT to legalize same sex marriage.  However, in the grand tradition of California politics, the losing side immediately went apoplectic bashing anyone who voted against legalizing same-sex marriage, particularly Mormons who don’t buy into the gay lifestyle, as homophobes.  They then promised to sue to overturn the electoral will of the People of California.  And so it came to pass that two gay couples went to court and did just this and Prop 8 was struck down this month.

The decision of course had the gay community all-atwitter literally – and prompted Governor Dumbinator to opine “once again California demonstrated today that it leads the way for the entire country.”  That singular statement should scare the bejesus out of everyone else in the country given the facts that (a) the state is broke and cannot pay its bills with a budget deficit in excess of $30 BILLION, (b) that it has the highest taxes and fees in the land, (c) that its boasts an unfunded state worker pension liability bigger than the GNP of most countries, and (d) that there is a net migration of businesses and middle class Americans out of the state who somehow think the state is headed in the wrong direction.  These are “leadership” facts somehow lost on the governor, but no matter.

Now I do not have a “problem” with gay people.  That is I harbor no ill will toward them in my heart.  In fact, I hardly ever think about them at all and would be forever happy to remain in this blissful state were it not for constant reminders about gay rights I hear everyday from the media and politicians.  Really, I do not care if you are gay.  I am unaware of any vast right wing conspiracy – with secret handshakes and meetings –to deny gays “their rights.”  I assume that gay Americans, unless they are illegal immigrant gays, share the same NATURAL rights enshrined (not promised) by the Constitution that I have.

But here’s what I do care about.  I care about sore losers suing and judges overruling the will of the people.  It raises the question of the necessity of having elections at all.  When election losers can simply sue and have results overturned, why not cut to the chase and appoint judges to “elect” every candidate and “vote” on every proposition?  They do this in marxist socialist dictatorships everywhere already.  And with enough thought police and goons with weapons the people don’t seem to complain too much.

I also care about the idea that same sex marriage is “normal”.  It is not.  It is not “wrong” perhaps, but it is not normal and natural.  Any 10th grader familiar with biology, reproduction and the attendant moving parts can tell you that it is not normal to the species.  Therefore there is no natural law to protect any inalienable right to anything in this regard.  Of course, this statement to the proposition’s supporters is de facto proof of my homophobia.  Cue the thought police and liberal hordes and let the character assassination begin.  The truth is the smearing of those who hold a different opinion of the legality of gay marriage is pure vitriol and hate.  The simple observable scientific fact is that it is not normal to the species, so please stop shouting that it is and come up with a better argument.

I also care about the hypocrisy of same sex marriage proponents who claim that the absence of legal marriage status is tantamount to inequality and thus violates the very premises of the Declaration of Independence.  Please save me the principled speech.  What same sex marriage proponents really want are all the financial and legal protections of marriage, which include and are not limited to; social security survivor benefits, sickness and bereavement leave benefits, assumption of spouse’s pension, access to military stores and discounts, divorce protections, automatic inheritance, exemption from property tax on partner’s death, immunity from testifying against spouse, insurance breaks, joint adoption and foster care, joint bankruptcy, visitation of partner in hospital or prison, and wrongful death loss of consort benefits, just to name a few I found on the supporters of same sex marriage website.  So save me the “we want equality and the we shall overcome” argument and own up to the fact that it is – as always – about the money.

Finally here’s what I really care really care about.  I worry that a tiny minority in complicity with an unaccountable judiciary can over rule and vacate the will of the people.  If California leads the nation in all things, as our failed governor so proudly boasts, the Republic is in deep trouble.

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