This is not cool: Why we need the “uncool”

It is clear that “cool” is not what it used to be.  Cool was the Fonz.  Cool was Mickey Mantle.  Cool was John Glenn.  These guys had the right stuff.  They had grit.  They inspired.  Today cool is Bill Maher and Barack Obama.  These guys have packaging.  They do clever.  They are scolds – full of dreary utopian banalities.  For them cool means:

  • Selection criteria for the Supreme Court must include radicalism, gender, and race.
  • Support of immigration laws – most recently in Arizona – is racist.
  • Participation in a Tea Party qualifies you as a Nazi and Neanderthal.
  • Poking fun at Mohammed – as South Park dared to do – gets your show cancelled.

In their lofty world it is somehow cool that 71 million Americans pay no taxes, yet receive the same benefits and more compliments of the 80 million who do.  While that’s cool for the 71 million free riders, it’s not so cool for other 80 million.  These 80 million “squares” actually think that: (1) justices should first uphold the constitution, (2) enforcing laws is a good idea, (3) voicing opposition is the responsibility of every citizen, and that (4) religious satires are just that – satires that do not require bomb threats.  How uncool!

Worst of all the biggest free riders are all those “cool” people we elected and their “cool” friends they hired – most of whom are unqualified for any job the real world.  These people get better pay, pensions and job security than the ordinary tax paying citizens who have to pay a larger share of their earninbgs to support these people.

This is very “uncool”.  We disagree.  And if this is the new cool, I want the old cool back – the cool of self-sacrifice instead of this brazen larceny.  Where have you gone John Glenn?

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