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September 2014

Syndromes and Hurricanes

What does one have to do with the other? I have written before about the differences between the conservative and liberal minds…  how they work and how the two are essentially irreconcilable (see “Differences” below).   Nice theory you might say… but syndromes and hurricanes are real life examples of these differences. Ray Rice – NFL […]

His Name was Daryl Pierson

Less than three weeks after the national disgrace of Ferguson Missouri… Is there another way to describe the Press coverage and the actions of the Attorney General and the Administration? …there was another shooting involving a police officer this week. And unless you live in Rochester NY – where I was visiting this week – […]

Joan Rivers RIP

Say what you will about Joan Rivers and her sense of humor…  it may not have been yours perhaps…  But grieve nonetheless for her passing for she is emblematic of a disappearing type of woman. She was a Republican and a friend to the Reagans, she gave to charities without calling attention to her giving, she was […]