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March 2014

MORE Thoughts on Liberal Thinking

The Nature of Insurance Those without earthquake insurance might be running to their providers this morning to buy some.  However, they will likely find that there is none to be had since their will be a moratorium imposed by companies that offer it given the last 30 days of earthquake activity here.  This is called […]

Deep Thoughts about Health Care

It must be great to live in a cult…  you never need engage your brain… More Democratic Deep Thinking This from afternoon TV today…  The President stopped by the Ellen show to sell his program.  Here’s the deep thinking… [ObamaCare’s] doing very, very well… you’ve got 5 million people signed up so far [Audience Applauds]… An enormous number of […]

Circling Back on Two Old Stories

Remember my comments about Alex Fish (D-FL) …  She of …  we need immigration reform because we need Mexicans to do the laundry and mow the lawn  ???  She lost her election bid in a landslide this week to an unknown and under-funded Republican.  She ran on a “Fix ObamaCare” platform…  while simultaneously increasing the […]

More Deep Thoughts by Democrats…

I love this kind of stuff! Were the following statement made by a Republican it’d make the national news and take up hours on CNN and MSNBC.  But the speaker is a Democrat and there is, as we know, a different standard for expertise and competence. So let me ask you…  Are you expert and competent in your job?  Is that […]

More Deep Democrat Thoughts… And Please Withhold My Name…

Please read the Letter to the Editor below submitted in North Carolina.  Yes it is real.  My favorite part of the Letter is the part that begins“Now that we Democrats are in charge…” If the letter weren’t so scary, it would be funny and arguably, precious.  The kind of thing an eleven year old might […]

Buenos Dias Amigos

If you are Hispanic, and you are wondering why you are important to the Democrats in the immigration “debate” (I use that word with a sense of irony  :))  …  something the liberal mind does not register), then read the following… “Immigration reform is important in our country . . . for obvious reasons, because […]

CODA: Success and Failure

If failure and success are two sides of the same coin, and learning from failure is essential and integral to success, then what is going on in Massachusetts? You may be aware of the following but until last week when I was in Boston talking with a client, I had never run across this…  Parents […]

Success and Failure

Success is often the product of failure.  So says Megan Mc Cardle in her book titled “The Upside of Down”.  Her research suggests that how you fail matters.  And this is where it gets interesting.  Her research showed that how is different for conservatives and liberals who think differently about success and failure.  Conservative thinkers […]

Judge and Jury

I caught a snippet of the CNN coverage of the Chris Christie “story” while walking through the airport an hour ago…   the reporter assured “us”  that CNN was “pouring over and scouring” housands of pages of documents to give “you” the whole story”… Have you seen any such “pouring and scouring” on Benghazi?   Health Care? […]

2014 News and Predictions

It is now legal for illegal aliens to practice law in the State of CA…  and your transgender kindergarten child can use the restroom and locker room consistent with their new gender.  No…  you can’t even make this stuff up it’s so dopey.  My only regret is that I could not have chosen to join […]