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February 2013


This post features the failure of the Fourth Estate. Happy days are here again.  The skies are clear and blue again.  At least that is what the press and the President would have you believe.  It’s like the Wizard of Oz.  We can see the ersatz machinations of the man behind the curtain, but there’s […]

World Turned Upside Down 5

People are fools and will sell their souls for a pittance.  And so it goes with the promises of more socialism in the State of the Union address. The truth…  everything he offered is a simple doubling down on failure.  But it is spun in such a way that it all sounds so good and […]

World Turned Upside Down 4

In a cold winter a lake will turn upside down.  It’s true.  When the water on the top cools enough it sinks so rapidly that the warmer water on the bottom is forced to the top.  The lake literally turns upside down – or as some say – it flips. I watched a documentary on […]