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November 2010

Playing God: Why this is a good thing for America

Trouble follows when man plays God and worse is in store when he denies his existence.  Our country forged from a revolution in part fought for religious freedom, is in fact founded on Christian moral principles enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and to this day found even on our money in the words “In […]

Spare the rod and spoil the child: Why California is in real trouble

In the span of a single generation – the length of time I’ve lived in California – the state has gone from being the envy of the nation, to the butt of its jokes.  The state once famous for its golden promise built on the shoulders of rugged “can do” WWII men and women, is […]

Ground Zero: What the Riots in London portend for us

Students, yes “students,” are rioting in London – destroying property not theirs and holding signs demanding FREE EDUCATION.  The irony is almost too rich to be real.  These “students” are smart enough to know an easy score when they see one, but dumb enough to believe that there is such a thing as a “free […]

We have not yet hit bottom… But we are on the way there…

California like an alcoholic choose the bottle again last night too weak or too addicted to foolish ideas and entitlement to admit it has a big problem.  We found out that government is not the problem here, but it is the people of California. No one ever said quitting was going to be easy.  But […]