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October 2010

Let’s Get Rid of the Mortgage Deduction: But let’s also get serious about spending

By all means let’s get rid of the mortgage deduction, but let’s do it with some intellectual and moral honesty.  For starters let’s be honest and admit that the bi-partisan Deficit Reduction Commission is comprised of the very same kind of people who created the deficit in the first place.  Let’s also be clear that […]

Going to Pot: Why Legalizing Pot is a Bad Idea

Judging by the number of stringy haired 20-year olds in baggy clothes hanging around outside the “medicinal marijuana clinic” near my motorcycle shop, there must be a raging epidemic of AIDS, cancer, or terminal illnesses savaging our young people in Southern California.  So by all means let’s legalize marijuana and get “medicine” to these “patients” […]