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July 2010

The Virtuous Fourth Estate: Why you cannot… and should not trust the Press

Do you actually believe everything you see on TV or read in the newspaper?  If you do – as far too many Americans seem to – then you may lack discernment. Discernment (n):  the power to distinguish what is accurate and true demonstrating a willingness to think beyond the obvious and apply practical judgment. There […]

Phony Racism: Why Breitbart owes no Apology

News Item – Breitbart says : I’m Not Sorry Good….  Do you think any liberal making any specious or outright false claim would back down on any story??  Not on your life.  They would double down the outrage and yell all the louder.  Mr Breitbart do not apologize.  Get your story right, but do not […]

Confederacy of Fools: Why we will not have any kind of soft landing – economic or otherwise

Let’s just cut to the chase and expand unemployment benefits for life.  If you don’t have a job – and since you have the right to one – we’ll just give you the money because it’s not fair.  I can almost hear the unemployed rolling over in bed this morning as they watch CNN to […]

Dear Meg Whitman

Newsdate July 2010 Email sent to the ELECT Meg Whitman for California Governor Campaign Re: Leadership and Immigration In a time when we need real leadership… Meg gives us pandering politics.  You can’t lead Meg coming down on both sides of the immigration issue.  Here’s a word to look up…  “illegal”… it means to be […]