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May 2010

All You Need to Know: Why we need “Real Change”

Here’s the headline “White House stands behind Blumenthal”.  For those of you unfamiliar with the story Democratic Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut acknowledged that he “misspoke” when he lied about his military service in Vietnam.  He REPEATEDLY made the claim that he had served in Vietnam.  In fact he was in the Marine Reserves […]

This is not cool: Why we need the “uncool”

It is clear that “cool” is not what it used to be.  Cool was the Fonz.  Cool was Mickey Mantle.  Cool was John Glenn.  These guys had the right stuff.  They had grit.  They inspired.  Today cool is Bill Maher and Barack Obama.  These guys have packaging.  They do clever.  They are scolds – full […]

True Colors: Why you must know thine enemy

A cross far out in the California desert commemorating military men who died in our wars caught the eye of an Oregon liberal who complained that its presence violated the separation of Church and State.  This,  despite the fact that the Constitution speaks to the peaceful co-existence of church and state rather than their mutual […]