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April 2009

Character Flaw: Why politicians are out of sync with voters

The ground shook in CA this week.  On Sunday a 4.7 earthquake rattled windows and nerves.  But it turned out to be only a harbinger of a bigger shock wave, the defeat of Propositions 1 A – E on Tuesday.  Despite outspending opponents 6 to 1, the Proposition’s sponsors – government, union and big business […]

Nothing Like A Good Disaster: Government fabricates problems to control people

There’s nothing like a disaster to rally the faithful in politics.  It is the preferred strategy of the nanny-state voter, and luckily for the country now it seems to be rallying the free-state voter too.  In the 1970’s the world was running out of oil and the earth was cooling!  In the 1990’s it was […]

Ship of Fools: Just because everyone else does it, doesn’t make it smart

While we’re all busy looking for answers there’s one thing we all need to know, that’s the difference between yoyos, bozos, and bimbos, and heroes. – Waylon Jennings The Democrats, Republicans, Wall Street Bankers, and Corporate CEO’s are playing us for fools.  Both Democrats and Republicans want bigger government.  That is the way they make […]