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January 2009

The New Sheriff in Town: Why We Should be Worried

Speaking with several Canadians in Alberta last week, I was asked the same questions by almost everyone.  Is the situation in the US really as bad as we hear? Is your government really serious about spending all that money?  And does everyone there think that it’s a good idea?  My answers were, it’s worse, yes […]

The Shot Heard Around the World: Why the Tea Parties Matter

I went to a political rally for the first time last weekend.  This one was the California Tax Revolt sponsored KFI 640 AM Radio in Orange County.  Fifteen thousand people showed up, and thousands more participated on the web and listened on the radio judging by the number of cars blaring the proceedings out their […]

Hope Floats Away: Why the President’s policies are all wrong

If the stock market reflects the hopes and aspirations of America, the future appears dim. Wasted stimulus spending, bailouts and higher taxes have American investors running for the hills.  It seems crazy but the Administration appears intent on deepening this depression. If the President and his people are really smart as we are constantly reminded, […]