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Citizen K

Who needs term limits?

  Today the sexual harassment parade claimed Matt Lauer. We don’t need term limits to clear the Congressional swamp. All we need are accusers and the immediate termination of the offenders. What if these corporate sector rules applied to Conyers, Franken, et al.? Right… no need for term limits. Alas, the same standards don’t apply […]

PC Kills

How many dead in NYC? PC (political correctness) kills…  not only does it “kill” the truth, but it kills real people. How it kills the truth: Since one cannot say anything about any “protected” group that is deemed politically incorrect, the truth dies and all we have are “narratives” (favorite word of the left). A narrative is a […]

Irony Abounds

Irony abounds – everywhere today. We get it. But the people (idiots, morons, children, brats, haters, progressives, liberals, students???) who burned down a Starbucks on their Berkeley campus, apparently don’t. Irony – incongruity between the actual result of a sequence of events and the normal or expected result – usually humorous or sardonic. So here’s […]

Phony Immigration Protectionistas

The following is a quote from a major newspaper… In a preliminary estimate for 2016, the statistics office said the population has eclipsed the previous record high recorded at the end of 2002, even though the number of deaths in 2016 exceeded the number of births. Deaths have exceed births since 1972 with a total […]

American IQ

According to a recent poll, 2/3rds of Americans would have difficulty coming up with the money to cover a $1,000 emergency.  Even for the wealthiest 20% — those making more than $100,000 a year — 38% would have difficulty coming up with $1,000. Despite this, 2/3rds said they feel positive about their finances…  Wha???  Huh???  How does […]

True Colors

Last night in Orange County CA, thugs overwhelmed the police (who are now useless) and made a mockery of the First Amendment.   Donald Trump came to make a speech and the leftist “liberal” thugs used violence to quash his rights.  The Police???  For whom we pay taxes???  not up to the job.   Everyone […]

We the People

Trump and the GOP.  This my letter to the editors of the Weekly Standard (a true conservative and more – American magazine). Dear Sirs/Madams; All that fear and loathing with Mitt Romney today.  What is that about?  Sounds of the dying, desperate last gasps of a failed elite – the GOP.     I am thinking of Marie […]

Phony Class Warfare

Phony Class Warfare (See headline below) Well here again are the facts about who pays and who gets.  So talk to me about… fair.  Shouldn’t the 45% be thanking the “rich” instead of vilifying them?  What is certain is that this is a story that you won’t hear from either Hillary or Bernie (Two phony class warriors if […]

Children in Charge

It’s hard to remember what the Democratic Party used to be like just 20 years ago.  There were actual adults running the Party…  go back and check it out…  the majority of the Party were (1) fiscal conservatives who worked for balanced budgets, (2) global hawks who believed in maintaining global peace through a strong military, and (3) sensible […]

The Donald

Say what you will about Donald… loud-mouthed, egocentric, maybe even poor presidential material (I doubt it given an incompetent like Obama made it to the White house… but I digress), but he knows exactly what he is doing. In a presidential campaign marked by the dull and the predictable: Hillary’s Marxist –Feminist ideas… Rich people […]