Who needs term limits?


Today the sexual harassment parade claimed Matt Lauer. We don’t need term limits to clear the Congressional swamp. All we need are accusers and the immediate termination of the offenders. What if these corporate sector rules applied to Conyers, Franken, et al.? Right… no need for term limits.

Alas, the same standards don’t apply to Congress – where virtue is the obvious norm and no oversight necessary. These standards apparently only apply to the corporate sector – the universal source of all that is evil. I guess it’s like health care, the Congress doesn’t have to use the same lousy insurance options the rest of us do… and even better they have a taxpayer slush fund they can use to cover their sexual harassment sins… but I digress.

One more question… How did we come to this current “reality” of epidemic sexual harassment? Look no further than gender and zero-tolerance politics. And isn’t it ironic, that those most responsible for these political principles are now being hung by them?

What a world. This is what the Spanish Inquisition must have been like.


PC Kills

How many dead in NYC?

PC (political correctness) kills…  not only does it “kill” the truth, but it kills real people.

How it kills the truth: Since one cannot say anything about any “protected” group that is deemed politically incorrect, the truth dies and all we have are “narratives” (favorite word of the left). A narrative is a story. It may be interesting, but it may not be factual. For example, looking at the data we see that there are many young black men in jail. Narrative: That’s all racism. Facts: Maybe they actually committed crimes that put them in that unfortunate place.

How it kills people: Some guy (a terrorist whom we just don’t understand and need to reach out to more) on a diversity visa (politically correct program as opposed to border control a politically incorrect and racist doctrine) gets a truck from Home Depot (trucks will no doubt soon be banned like guns) and runs over eight unfortunate people.

The question is, Who really killed them?

God forbid we ask real questions to ascertain the truth to answer that question. For example, Chuck Schumer stated (I kid you not)…  If we had only had more concrete pillars in place

That’s right the lack of concrete pillars was the reason, not a dysfunctional diversity visa program or the ideology that created such a program in the first place.

PC kills real people.

May God grant some peace to those poor families who lost their loved ones because the PC left is not going to help them.


Irony Abounds

Irony abounds – everywhere today. We get it. But the people (idiots, morons, children, brats, haters, progressives, liberals, students???) who burned down a Starbucks on their Berkeley campus, apparently don’t.

Irony – incongruity between the actual result of a sequence of events and the normal or expected result – usually humorous or sardonic.

So here’s the irony. They burned down a Starbucks – a company that embraces everything liberal including sanctuary of criminals. They burned down a coffee shop – now they have to walk farther to get a cup of coffee. They destroyed their own property – to what end I am uncertain. All this destruction caused by a riot (an expression I suppose of the rioter’s free speech “rights”) to prevent someone else whose reason for going to Berkeley was to talk about… yes – free speech.

That’s enough irony to launch a ship. It’s funny. We get it. We laugh – although it is sad… pathetic really.

They? Laugh? Are you kidding? They just get madder. That’s funny too.

Phony Immigration Protectionistas

The following is a quote from a major newspaper…

In a preliminary estimate for 2016, the statistics office said the population has eclipsed the previous record high recorded at the end of 2002, even though the number of deaths in 2016 exceeded the number of births. Deaths have exceed births since 1972 with a total of more than 5 million fewer births than deaths. However, countering that trend, more than a million people fleeing war and poverty have flocked here drawn by a strong economy, liberal asylum laws and generous benefits.

No. It’s not the USA. It’s a British newspaper. The country is Germany… and it seems Prime Minister Merkel has a big problem… with her own people. Given all the phony hoo-haa, you have to wonder why no one is addressing the questions; why is it racist or insensitive to protect what is GERMAN, and why do the countries bear no responsibility for the mass exodus of their own?

The truths are these:

  • Immigration is a good thing when the immigrants come to assimilate and make something of themselves.
  • Immigrants are rarely accepted with open arms (the Chinese, the Irish and the Italians were not received with open arms here in the US)… BUT these groups (the Chinese, the Irish, the Italians, and many more) have proven willing to – assimilate and make something of themselves.

Those that deny human nature… and the reality that a great many immigrants do come for the free stuff… are obtuse at best and dangerous at worst… as personified by the unthinking at JFK this weekend of those who support “sanctuary” for the same (including recidivist criminals).

As for countries (like Mexico and others) that point their fingers at their neighbors for NOT for permitting the free flow over their borders, they should more properly look at where the other three fingers are pointing (back at them), and address their own absolute failure regarding their people including complete apathy in the treatment of the same, before offering advice on immigation.

But elites and the dictators know no shame when it comes to the treatment of humanity and their own demogaguery in denying human nature and proper government.

American IQ

According to a recent poll, 2/3rds of Americans would have difficulty coming up with the money to cover a $1,000 emergency.  Even for the wealthiest 20% — those making more than $100,000 a year — 38% would have difficulty coming up with $1,000.

Despite this, 2/3rds said they feel positive about their finances…  Wha???  Huh???  How does that idea follow the other idea? 

…and if faced with that $1,000 bill, the majority wouldn’t pay with money on hand anyway, they would borrow from a bank, friends and/or family… or put it on a credit card.

In addition 13% would skip paying other bills, and 11% said they would not pay the bill at all.  Nice!!!  Sure…  just stiff the guy that’s the American Way. 

But you can bet the very next day these same people will be lining up at Starbucks for their $5.25 Frappacinos.

God help us.  And these people are voting on economic issues?  And the worst of it???  most of them are in Congress!

Citizen K

True Colors

Last night in Orange County CA, thugs overwhelmed the police (who are now useless) and made a mockery of the First Amendment.
Donald Trump came to make a speech and the leftist “liberal” thugs used violence to quash his rights.  The Police???  For whom we pay taxes???  not up to the job.
Everyone knows that Republicans hate poor people, women, immigrants…  yet I cannot find one Republican friend who holds any of those feelings.
So, what’s going on???  First the real haters are on the Left.  Could you imagine a similar thing happening at a Hillary rally?  Republicans smashing police cars and threatening violence to the participants?  Could you?
Of course not.  So here’s the obvious elephant in the room…  the unchecked hatred of the Left for anything that does not fit their world view…  and the current government’s lack of desire and ability to rightfully handle it.
Shame.  Peggy Noonan has it about correct in her column last week.  You can read it here…  http://www.wsj.com/articles/that-moment-when-2016-hits-you-1461281849
Thanks.  I pray that we awaken from this national slide into intolerance and hatred.  These are the TRUE COLORS of the Left.  They are the haters.  Please help save what little is left of our country.  Stand up for what is Right.

We the People

Trump and the GOP.  This my letter to the editors of the Weekly Standard (a true conservative and more – American magazine).
Dear Sirs/Madams;

All that fear and loathing with Mitt Romney today.  What is that about?  Sounds of the dying, desperate last gasps of a failed elite – the GOP.  
I am thinking of Marie and Louis 1789 France …  so wrapped up in their court intrigues they could not recognize there are real people with experiences (quite mundane often) other than theirs.  They did not end up well.  Now the GOP elite are in the same frame of mind.
But it is real people not the elites who make the decisions in this country (not Obama, not Hillary and not Donald – he actually seems to “get” that).  Yes…  We the People…  words that make me tear up as I write them.  Not you the elite who feel the need to tell us what we should THINK.  Shame on the GOP.
What is going on with Trump is so OBVIOUS to all us (We the People),that it’s flabbergasting that you don’t see it.  The GOP has utterly failed us, even with an incompetent in Presidential office.  And worse – your mouthpiece – Mitt lost to him.  Obama was the most surprised guy Election Day November 2012…  he was sure he was going to lose…  but he didn’t.
Here’s the point – We all want to see Hillary sent packing in the worst way.  I have voted Republican since I learned my lessons after college about Democrats.  We the People are willing to sacrifice some our conservative principles and to do exactly that.  Not one of the GOP’s supported candidates can do that.  Donald can.
As was once said, politics is the art of the practical, not the possible.
Faithful Reader

Phony Class Warfare

Phony Class Warfare (See headline below)

Well here again are the facts about who pays and who gets.  So talk to me about… fair.  Shouldn’t the 45% be thanking the “rich” instead of vilifying them?  What is certain is that this is a story that you won’t hear from either Hillary or Bernie (Two phony class warriors if there ever were such a thing – Karl Marx was another.  He never worked a day in his life and was a mooch of epic proportions…  but I digress).

This story is an inconvenient truth that does not fit their narrative.*  Sounds like the same old lame class warfare attempting to get votes by stoking that old, reliable, most common and banal of all human emotions – envy.  I guess it is one way to get elected.

*Narrative is a story…  that may or not be factual. Often it is simply an act of faith or an outright lie.

Here’s the link to the whole story.  You be the judge.


Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 4.45.10 PM

Children in Charge

It’s hard to remember what the Democratic Party used to be like just 20 years ago.  There were actual adults running the Party…  go back and check it out…  the majority of the Party were (1) fiscal conservatives who worked for balanced budgets, (2) global hawks who believed in maintaining global peace through a strong military, and (3) sensible social architects who understood the necessary limits on welfare in all its forms.
Today, the Democratic Party is contemplating running Bernie Sanders (a socialist hobbit and Chief Child in Charge – Think “Lord of the Flies”) as their presidential candidate.  He, the darling of the pampered child-like 18 – 22 year old college demographic might actually beat that old mendacious battle-axe – Clinton.  Yes the children are truly running the Democratic Party now.  The responsible House Democrats from the last generation must have wondered how it ever got this far…  Now we know.
Here’s Bernie…Bernie Hobbit

The Donald

Say what you will about Donald… loud-mouthed, egocentric, maybe even poor presidential material (I doubt it given an incompetent like Obama made it to the White house… but I digress), but he knows exactly what he is doing.

In a presidential campaign marked by the dull and the predictable: Hillary’s Marxist –Feminist ideas… Rich people are… blah blah blah… War on women…blah blah blah) and the Republicans ideas (I can’t think of a single good one right now), Donald has kept it interesting… and the polls support that.

For the past 72-hour news cycle… he is the only candidate on TV getting tons of free PR thanks to the “outrage” of CNN and MSNBC (both of whom are outraged everyday). In a normal news cycle these networks would be getting out the vote for Hillary.

In fact BOTH networks were so outraged that yesterday the TV on-screen sub-banner screamed in CAPS, “IS TRUMP A FACIST?” No you morons, he’s a genius and he is playing you guys like a fiddle. Say what you will about Donald, but he is managing to keep every other candidate out of the news.


My brother pointed this out yesterday:  The Glaring DOUBLE Standard…

The media and their progressive friends are permitted to call Donald Trump a nazi and a racist.  First it is wildly inaccurate… meaning they are clueless about the definition of those words.  Second and far more insidious…  they are not held to account for their slander or the injury those labels produce.  
Can you image any media outlet referring to Obama or Clinton in those terms?  Can you?  Even though arguably the labels fit better.
That my friends is hypocrisy and the glaring double standard at the heart of the liberal progressive point of view.
I pray to God that this awful crowd will one day have to pay for their looseness and meanness. Karma is a bitch as they say.    You go Donald Trump and call them out for the phonies they are.
Merry Christmas.


Citizen K