Mis-Rememberization Two

“Oops I did it again.”

Brittany Spears

I’m sorry because I don’t want anything to compromise my integrity or the standards of ABC News.  I don’t want to do anything that would raise questions in the minds of our viewers. I’m sorry all of that has happened.”

Sounds like Brian Williams doesn’t it..?  Except it’s not… it is another Liberal Democrat…  this time Clintonite and “journalist” George Stephanopoulos.  My favorite part of the quote…  “my integrity or the standards of ABC News”.

(A)   The first rule of journalism – disclose conflicts of interest where you the journalist are reporting on a story.  So much for Georgie’s “integrity”…

(B)   “Standards of ABC News”…  OK, I am finished laughing now and have caught my breath…  to what standards exactly doth he refer regarding this avowed Liberal Democratic new organization?

The political-class Liberal Democrats all play from the same cynical playbook perfected by the Clintons…  do whatever you want, apologize (sort of), then blame it on the “right wing”.

And in the end when people hold you to account, rant as Hillary does, What does it matter?    She may be right – apparently it does not matter to much of America.  The problem is – integrity and fair play are the victims of Clintonism…  and we are all the lesser for it.

Sad and pathetic as this all is, Hillary is still considered a serious contender for high office.  How far does America need to fall?  As George and the Clintons know – it can go lower still.

All I Want is a Cup of Coffee

Starbucks thinks you need more than a cup of coffee in the morning…  They think you need a white 24-year old over-pampered, over-educated, and underpaid (by Starbucks) “barista” (coffee pourer) to discuss politics with you while you order.

I wonder how this is supposed to work.  I order black coffee and it’s…  game on???  What if I order a “blonde”???

I am old enough and of thick enough skin not to be insulted by such a transparent gimmick.  But let’s face it…

#1.  Someone in marketing at Starbucks thought this brilliant idea would sell more coffee…  and

#2.  This is not a conversation (since I did not invite it), it’s a lecture

If Starbucks is interest in having race conversations, maybe they should open more stores in Ferguson, Compton and Harlem and send the race relation barista experts there.

As for me…  I am going to Dunkin’ Donuts this morning where I can just get a cup of coffee.


Truth or Heresy


“In an age of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”

George Orwell   “1984


I am about to commit heresy – at least in the eyes of the politically “virtuous” left.

How is it that more than forty years after declaring War on Poverty we still have “poor”?  The truth… (1) most politicians care little about “poorness” except around election time, and (2) “poorness” is a much a state of mind as it is a lack of dollars.

Do the rich and poor deserve their fates?  A better question might be… are they responsible for their conditions?  The first question implies some right to “richness” with little hope of escaping “poorness”.  The second question suggests that “richness” and “poorness” may have something to do with choices AND more importantly that “richness” and “poorness” are not permanent or fated conditions… as politicians would have us believe.

The simple truth is “richness” is mostly the result of hard work.  “Rich people” work more than “poor” people… a lot more.  Sure there are lucky and unlucky people in the world.  But over the long haul, one reaps what one sows…  whether it is luck, relationships, happiness, wealth or health.

A recent analysis published in the “National Review” posits:  If one assumes that poor people would rather be better off, then our analysis must begin by acknowledging that while there is significant inequality in income, the more significant inequality is in the opportunity/decision to earn income in the first place. 

Choices…  The real truth is we have the opportunity to make choices that do more to determine our condition – richness or poorness – than anything else.  So beating up the rich to rally the poor is pure politics designed to keep politicians in their jobs and the poor stuck where they are.

OK…  The line now forms to the Left for the obligatory assassination of my character and motives.  So is this truth or heresy?  You decide.


Brian Williams: Misrememberization

According to NBC News – Brian Williams is the most trusted man in America.  I did not know that.


BUT, thanks to Brian we have a new liberal/double-speak word in the English lexicon - misrememberization

as in Brian misremembered being shot down in a war zone in 2003 (He was never shot down  FOR THE RECORD)

This is what Brian had to say to “explain it all away”…

“I would not have chosen to make this mistake.  I don’t know what screwed up in my mind that caused me to conflate one aircraft with another.”

This statement could only come out of the mouth of a liberal.  Someone chose it for him?  The devil?   A vast right wing conspiracy?

And…  Conflate?  Really?  The only time you use a word like conflate is to confuse an audience with a 6th grade education level.

How is it that WE know what screwed up in his mind… and he doesn’t?  So let’s help him.  Brian, you’re not screwed up…  You just told a big fat lie and you got caught in it.


You Can’t Fix Stupid

Comedian Ron White had a stand-up routine called…  You can’t fix stupid.  Hillary Clinton must have seen Ron deliver it.  Appearing at a Boston rally for Democrat gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley, she told the Democratic “faithful” not to listen to anybody who says that businesses create jobs. “Don’t let anybody tell you corporations and businesses create jobs,” she said.

You know that old trickle-down economics theory that has been tried, and that has failed.  You know, one of the things my husband says when people say ‘Well, what did you bring to Washington,’ he said, ‘Well, I brought arithmetic.”

Hmmm.  Learned at the same school that describes what sex with is and isn’t?  For the record, I own a business and we created 10 jobs last year.  I don’t know where this falls in Ms. Clinton’s arithmetic, but one plus one ten times is ten.  Maybe my math is wrong.

The truth is Ms. Clinton doesn’t care.  She knows that you can’t fix stupid and she is betting her political future on that reality.  She knows her audience.  These are her kind of voters.  It’s not so much that they can’t do the math…  it’s that they won’t.  They believe anything she says.  They are the faithful.  Any “math” that disagrees with Ms. Clinton… is a vast right wing conspiracy.

In the real world, there are few vast conspiracies.  The frightening reality is that stupidity in the form of willful ignorance is rampant…   Hillary knows this.  She also knows – you can’t fix stupid.  This is good for her…  and bad for the rest of us.

Bob Maffei…  time to move out of Massachusetts.

Syndromes and Hurricanes

What does one have to do with the other?

I have written before about the differences between the conservative and liberal minds…  how they work and how the two are essentially irreconcilable (see “Differences” below).   Nice theory you might say… but syndromes and hurricanes are real life examples of these differences.

Ray Rice – NFL player – beats his girl friend, who later becomes his wife.  It is big “news” and every liberal talk show rolls out the “Battered Wife” Syndrome.  Ray’s behavior is inexcusable.  No man beats a woman – ever.  But are the two victims of a syndrome?  Was he compelled by some force to beat her, and was she by the same force compelled to stay?   Liberals see syndromes at work everywhere.  Conservatives see bad choices and poor judgment at work.

This is the sixth consecutive hurricane season where there have been…  no hurricanes.  This despite the annual “doom and gloom” forecasts of the Global Warming…  oops Climate Change “believers”.  It has gotten so bad the Weather Channel has taken to naming winter snowstorms…  a practice once reserved for hurricanes.  The liberal mind creates rationale to explain away facts while clinging to beliefs.  The conservative thinks…  s–t happens and then it doesn’t… and that variation is a natural feature of complex systems.

It must be mentally exhausting to be a liberal…  maybe this explains why so many go into therapy.  For the liberal mind choice and chance are not nearly as relevant as conspiracies and plots

Or in Ray Rice’s case…  It wasn’t he… it was the devil that made him do it.  And for the Global Warming crowd the lack of hurricanes is somehow twisted into further proof of their pet theory.  I rest my case.


NOTE: Differences:

According to research, the difference between the liberal and conservative mind is simple. When Conservatives fail or succeed they see their own choices and actions as responsible.  When Liberals fail they see events, conspiracies and a rigged system beyond one’s control as primarily responsible.

His Name was Daryl Pierson

Less than three weeks after the national disgrace of Ferguson Missouri…

Is there another way to describe the Press coverage and the actions of the Attorney General and the Administration?

…there was another shooting involving a police officer this week.

And unless you live in Rochester NY – where I was visiting this week – you  will likely never hear about it.  The victim’s name was Daryl Pierson.  He was 32-years old.  He was white.  He was a policeman.  He was slain by a black man – a long time felon – who was just two weeks ago released from prison.  Daryl Pierson was on duty when it happened.

Under chilly and dreary skies yesterday 6,000 people in Rochester showed up to pay their respects to this young man.  Not among those 6,000… the Governor of NY who resides a 40-minute helicopter ride away in Albany.  Also not among the 6,000…

  • CNN and the rest of the Press – who reported the other story 24/7 for days.
  • The Attorney General and the President.
  • The Reverends (loosely titled) Jackson and Sharpton.

Just so you know, the officer’s name was Daryl Pierson.  He was a good man.  He was a husband and a father to two young girls – 3 and 4 years old.  He was well liked.  He was alive three days ago

We all learned the name of the Ferguson “victim” and his police officer “killer”.  But the nation will never know Daryl Pierson’s name.  As for his killer… his name does not matter and deserves no mention here or anywhere.

So let me ask you.  Is there nothing wrong with this picture?  Or should we all just shut up and accept as “normal” what seems like hypocrisy to me?

RIP Daryl Pierson.  I will pray for his wife and children who must carry on without him.


Joan Rivers RIP

Say what you will about Joan Rivers and her sense of humor…  it may not have been yours perhaps…  But grieve nonetheless for her passing for she is emblematic of a disappearing type of woman.

She was a Republican and a friend to the Reagans, she gave to charities without calling attention to her giving, she was a feminist in the true sense of the word in that she made something of herself in a man’s world with her own grit and determination.

She never punished you with her political views, nor gave of her time and money with the paparazzi in tow to chronicle it for all to see like Brad and Angelina and the rest of the virtuous Hollywood crowd (who never miss an opportunity to backhand George Bush nor be on camera adopting half of Africa).

She just showed up everyday, did her job and tried to make you laugh.  She took responsibility for her bad jokes and her good ones, her good behavior and bad without blaming anyone.


Instead today we get a softer person perfectly embodied in the current Administration.  I was reading an article about why a President so obviously failing is not being held to account.  It comes down to the differences between the liberal and conservative minds.  If you are a Conservative President and you fail…  it is your fault.  If you are Liberal President and you fail, then the office is just too big for one man, and there’s no way anyone could succeed given circumstances, etc.

According to research, the difference between the liberal and conservative mind is simple. When Conservatives fail or succeed they see their own choices and actions as responsible.  When Liberals fail they see events, conspiracies and a rigged system beyond one’s control as responsible.  Of course when Liberals succeed the world is right, as they know it should be (the perfect self fulfilling prophesy).

Thus it is not possible for Obama to fail… or to learn.  The fault for his failures is in the stars, in the cards, and in unfair expectations…  anywhere but where it should be…  with his choices and actions.

Joan Rivers knew differently.  RIP.




I visited my mother in New York last week and she had a handwritten quote from George Orwell’s book, “1984” on the refrigerator…  “In an age of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

And so it is this week in Ferguson, where the truth is sacrificed to political correctness.  CNN, Eric Holder and the rest of the press would have you believe that it is forced poverty and racism and not the actions and choices of people responsible for what is happening in Ferguson MO…  a situation that bares much more resemblance to a Third World Banana republic, than to a civilized society more than 238 years in the making.

Violence before consideration is the antithesis of civilization.  Civilization is not an absolute condition, it is a contract among people to behave in an agreed upon fashion to prevent the disintegration of community. Here are some my observations about the situation in MO.  I will let you think about what’s the truth.

  • The unfortunate teen slain here is not an innocent.  This does mean he is deserving of his fate.  It is merely to state that he has a crime record and drug history…  and was only moments before the terrible incident involved in the commission of a crime.
  •  In 2013 there were over 5,000 murders of black men by other black men.  Where is the sorrow and the media coverage regarding these unfortunate young men?  However, involve a white/hispanic person in this slaughter and it is national news.  Perhaps you can define racism for me.
  • Take a look at the pictures of the rioters in Ferguson.  Here’s what you will notice.  They are well fed – in fact many overly so.  Many  sported iPhones and were wearing $250 Nike shoes and  expensive sports team regalia.   Then there is the gold jewelry and the sleeves of tattoos.  I think this stuff costs money too.  Perhaps you can quantify poverty for me.

So now let me ask you, given these and potentially many other observations, is the violence, rioting and the wanton destruction of other’s property the inevitable response to this incident?  Or maybe was it a conscious choice of those involved abetted by identity politicians who excuse this kind of behavior more likely responsible for these events?

It’s been almost 50 years since the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and now Eric Holder and Barack Obama  high-jacked Martin Luther King’s struggle for the high road of equality and responsibility, and morphed it instead into the low road of victimization and irresponsibility.

He who marched with courage and valor through Selma AL would be rolling over in his grave at the march of events in Ferguson MO this week.



Whether you like it or not…

Underfunded civil service pension liabilities in the future mean one thing only…  more taxes as there is no negotiating with government employees.  “They” were promised retirement at age 50 with 90% of their three highest years and a Cadillac Health Plan.  None of which came from contributions they made, as is the case with everyone else in the private sector.  Even my wife’s pension with a private company can “go away” one day.  Not theirs…

Why am I talking about this?  I was reminded the other day about the arrogance for, and lack of accountability these civil servants have for we citizens who pay for all this largesse they will enjoy.

I exited the Pennsylvania Turnpike this week and arrived at the tollbooth to discover I did not have enough cash for the $12.75 toll.  The toll collector requested my license and upon seeing it said, “It always Californians.”  I indulged him with a smile, and then he then proceeded to say something like, “They can’t read the signs posted.

OK.  Now I am not smiling and I say.  “Interesting you should say that.  You know in CA we use a technology called a credit card, where you can simply pay at the tollbooth, and you can do all this without actually having a conversation with a smart ass civil servant like you.”

That was the end of our conversation.  Except it is not the end of our interaction with them…  as we will all be paying for these dopes when they retire at age 55 having done a job that any private company would have replaced a decade ago.

Whether you like it or not…